Wich is the best aviary for my Parrot?

Wich is the best aviary for my Parrot?

Many people have doubts when choosing the most suitable aviary for their birds and gardens. Through this blog we will help you to choose the one that will be the most adapted to your particular situation, taking into account your bird(s), your environment, your possible expansion projects, and in your budget for this aviary.

If you have a small size garden and only one parrot, our 1sqm IMOR aviary should be the best for you.

For gardens of a slightly larger size, we recommend 2sqm aviaries We have 3 different standard models on our site, the differences lie in the roof shapes, to allow you a wide choice adapted to your garden and the character of your bird(s).

- Roof with two slopes: this roof is mainly intended for places where rainy climates are frequent or in regions where it regularly has snow in winter. The tilt of the roof of this aviary allows it to evacuate rain and snow easily and preserve the aviary for your bird.

Flat roof : the roof of this aviary is only composed by 2 sheet metal element without any slope.

- Mixed roof: This roof is composed of 2 parts. One is a solid sheet metal to close part of the aviary and provide a more shaded area for your bird. The other part is mesh which allows natural light to penetrate further into the aviary. One other advantage is that  it also allows the most acrobatic birds as are some more agile parrots to climb and move along the mesh of this roof element

Finally, if the available space is not a problem for you in relation to the size of your garden and the place where you want to install your aviary then the 4m² IMOR aviary is perfectly adapted to offer a large space of play and life to your bird or birds.

- Aviary of 4m² with roof 2 slopes: You can install several birds thanks to its size.

4sqm Aviary with roof 2 slopes and mesh roof: This mixed roof offers you many advantages. Indeed, the part covered by a roof with two slopes allows you to offer your birds a protected space in the aviary where they can shelter from possible bad weather, or simply rest. The two slopes of the roof allow a rapid evacuation of rainwater or snow. The mesh part of the roof of this aviary can provide another brighter living space for your parrots.  They can also take advantage of the meshes to move horizontally along the roof elements. Some parrots are very agile and like to have more varied courses available to play. It is also for you a place to easily come and fix rope or other play areas to entertain your parrots in the aviary.  

4sqm Aviary with two-sloped roof and central separation. This aviary offers you the same weather protection benefits as all our two-sloped roof aviaries. But thanks to it you have the possibility to modulate the space.  But thanks to it you have the possibility to modulate the space. Indeed, you can choose from the interior door of the open aviary and thus offer a large living space to your birds. They will be able to move from one space to another climb along all the mesh panels and you will have the opportunity to arrange the inside of the aviary with lots of different toys to entertain your parrots. You can also according to the moments or species of birds you own, separate this aviary of 4sqm in two space of 2sqm This can be useful, especially for separating males from females. This modular aviary offers you the ideal versatility for all your birds.

If after reading this article you still have doubts or questions about your choice of aviary, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the necessary support to build the best aviary for your bird(s).