Garden aviary for parrots 2m2 flat floor

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These aviaries are ideal for parrots, macaws and large parakeets. The spacing of the meshes is designed so that your pet can climb along the walls without the spacing being too wide and risking injury. 

The mesh thread is large enough that parrots and parakeets can prick with their beaks without damaging the aviary. As well as the paint is very resistant to animal solicitations and is not toxic to your parrot or parakeet.

These modular IMOR aviaries allow you to offer your parrot, ara, or large parakeet a living space in the garden and you can share with your bird all the moments of socialization that these large hand-raised birds need.

These IMOR aviaries are provided without decoration accessories but you can easily set them up and install perch toys and other Java trees that you can easily find on the market.

Composed by:

- 2 mesh panels for parrots aviary. Ref: 053.030

- 2 opaque panels for parrot aviary. Ref: 053.025

- 1 mesh panel with door. Ref: 053.035

- 1 panel with revolving feeder. Ref: 053.040

- 2 flat rooves for parrot aviary. Ref: 053.090

- 4 floor clamps for parrots aviary. Ref: 053.045

- 18 panel clamps. Ref: 053.050

- 2 parrot feeders. Ref: 010.145

- 28 black ferrules

- 8 black, threaded ferrules

- 8 bolts 60x10

- 1 extension cover for parrot aviary. Ref: 053080

Accessories not included


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