IMOR® 2 sqm parrot garden aviary

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We present our garden aviary for parrots IMOR®. This aviary is perfectly suited for inseparable, nymphs, yacos, macaws, cocoas, parakeets...

A 2 sqm aviary with a door to facilitate access to the interior of the aviary.

The door closure system allows the use of multi-dimensional security padlocks.

With a height of 195 cm, this aviary will allow us to enter standing inside it.

Two-slope roof

Composed of 3 steel mesh panels coated with a special paint that is not toxic to the animal, environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion, and 2 opaque windbreak panels. These panels have a so-called horizontal mesh in diameter wire 3.4 mm in size. The distance between the vertical wires is 25 mm and a distance between the horizontal wires is 155 mm. This mesh is perfectly suited to your animals so that they can climb along the walls without risking joint or muscle damage.

The assembly of accessories is extremely easy.

Feeding your birds will be made easier by its stainless-steel bowls and its roundabout built into the panel. You will be able to feed your animals from outside the aviary.

This aviary has a ground anchoring system for perfect weather resistance

Dimensions 205x105.6x200cm

Composed of:

2 mesh panels for parrots

2 opaque windbreaker panels

1 panel with parrot mesh door

1 panel with rounding support for stainless steel bowls

2 starting roof elements

4 roof slope elements (2 right and 2 left)

4 anchors on the ground

18 panel attachment clips

2 stainless steel bowls 0.61 cm in diameter each

Our aviaries adapt to you and your pets!

Imagine your aviary according to your project and your need and we fully remain at your disposal to help you achieve this project!

Build your aviary according to the dimensions you want (beware the panels remain standard panels)

Choose the type of roof: mesh, flat, 2 slopes...

Choose the type of panels: mesh, opaque, mesh with transparent protection in removable PVC,...

Choose the number of panels with door

Choose your accessories

Create it exclusively for you and your birds. By adapting them to your needs and those of your pets, you will get the best results.

We will do a personalized study of your project to make your aviary perfect for you! Contact us by email at detailing your need and we will help you build your project without any obligation.


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