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The Jardin Pet


How did “The Jardin Pet” grow up?

The Jardin Pet was born as a result of the collaboration of a group of people, with a common passion, a love for pets and a desire to share experiences with them. Along with this passion, we must include our vision of the garden as the centre of the home, a place to share unforgettable moments with our loved ones. So, we only had to put together both passions, to realise the opportunity presented to us: to become specialists in the marketing of garden products for pets, in order to improve the quality of the moments we spend with them, in an environment where they can feel free and enjoy the possibilities offered by the open air..

Official IMOR Distributor

After sharing all our ideas and experiences, and analysing the products offered by the market at the time, we decided to turn our two passions into a real project, founding “the Jardin Pet”, an online store where we offer all pet lovers and outdoors lovers, products different from those offered by the traditional market.

Following a study of different products and qualities, we decided to start our adventure with the Spanish company IMOR, one of the best European companies in the design, development and manufacture of products for all types of birds and four-legged friends.


What makes us different

The peculiarity of this firm is that all their products are focused on outdoors, thus allowing the owner and mascot to interact in the open air, in an environ-ment of freedom that the interior of a home does not offer. Manufactured in carbon steel, these are prod-ucts capable of adapting to different climates, providing a long lifespan, as well as comfort and safety for our pets.

IMOR stands out for its patent in the product category called “Garden aviaries”, which allows, in addition to offering great flight spaces to all types of birds, a space where the owner can also interact with them in a free environment, achieving a relationship that no other existing product in the pet accessory market today can offer.

Our proposal

Also, the modular design of these garden bird aviaries allows to expand the space and customise the Bird Aviary, based on the specific needs of each home and each pet.

We have worked conscientiously to select the best supplier on the international market, so that all animal lovers looking for a different experience with their pets, within an environment of freedom and open air, find the latest trends in garden products for pets, with an offer of products that best suits their needs.

At The Jardin Pet, we offer the best prices on the market and complete and personalized customer service, offering support throughout the purchase process, transport of goods, as well as during the time of as-sembly of the product. Not only do we want to guarantee a different experience between mascots and their families, but also a different shopping experience for all our customers. We hope we have achieved it.