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Indoor aviaries with wheels

Indoor aviaries with wheels

Jardin Pet presents an original solution for those who wish to bring the beauty of wildlife and the company of birds into their homes: indoor aviaries with wheels. They offer an ideal environment for birds and their owners.

The mobility is the essence of these aviaries, allowing to bird lovers change and adapt their habitat easily according to their necessities. With resistant casters and ergonomic design, these aviaries can be moved comfortability from a room to other, sharing the happy and vitality of the birds in different places at home.

The design of Aviaries JardinPet includes esthetic and functional elements. The iron structure in combination with the mesh panels make a secure and comfortable home for the birds, at the same time they give a clear and without obstacles vision of your friends. The mobility of the aviary doesn´t put on risk the stability because the casters are designed to guarantee a solid and secure base in any place.

These aviaries also are ready to make easier the health of the birds. The feeders and drinkers are accessible since outside, allowing an easy refill without perturbing to the birds.

The possibility to move easily the aviary is positive for the birds because you bring them variety and stimulation and for the owners because they have the flexibility to integrate their pets in different zones of the home. The aviaries with casters for indoor JardinPet are the perfect option for who whish to introduce the nature in their daily life.

En nuestro catálogo podrás encontrar nuestros voladeros con ruedas con dos medidas diferentes: 1m2 y 2m2. ¡Tú eliges!

In our catalogue you will be able to find our different models aviaries with caster and their main measures: 1m2 and 2m2. You choose!!

Visit our web and find out the perfect aviary for you and your birds.

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