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Autumn is a unique season for bird lovers and their aviaries.

As the temperature begins to drop and the days get shorter, migratory birds prepare to begin their annual migrations to warmer weathers. For the people who have aviaries in their gardens, autumn brings a serie of special opportunities and challenges.

On the one hand, autumn can be an ideal season to see the bird migration. Many species of migratory birds, such as swallows, sparrows, and robins, use aviaries like refresh points on their travels. Even some of them stop to feed before continuing their long flight. Providing food and fresh water in your aviary could invite a variety of birds during this time of year, giving you the opportunity to see them.

On the other hand, autumn shall also be a time when local birds need a little extra care. While vegetation becomes sparse and temperatures down; providing protection and food in your aviaries shall be essential to their survival. Consider providing high-calorie foods, such as sunflower seeds, nuts and fruits, to help birds accumulate fat reserves before winter comes.

A correct maintenance of the aviary in autumn is essential. Be sure it is clean and in good condition to provide a safe refuge for birds. Remove excess of food and excrement regularly, and check that feeders and drinkers are in good condition.

For the people who enjoy watching birds during all year, the autumn shall also be a good moment to assemble shelters and artificial nests in your aviary. This will provide the birds a safe place to rest and breed during the coming spring.

In summary, autumn is an exciting and challenging season for lovers of birds and their aviaries. Whether it shall be watching migration, helping local birds to prepare them for winter or improving your aviary. There are many ways to enjoy this beautiful season while caring and breeding the birds which visit your garden.

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