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The maintenance and cleaning of the aviaries are mandatories to maintenance a healthy and secure nature for your birds. A cleaned aviary helps to good health of the birds and make an comfortable environment for the people who observe them. We share some bullet points for an excellent cleaning and care of the aviary.

1. Daily cleaning

Realiza una limpieza diaria para eliminar los desechos de los pájaros. Esto incluye la eliminación de heces, restos de alimentos y plumas. Una red de malla en la parte inferior del aviario puede ayudar a recoger los desechos de manera más eficiente.

A daily cleaning is necessary to clean the dirty of the birds. We need to clean the excrements, rest of food and feathers. A bottom wire mesh makes easier to do this task faster and more efficient.

2. Fresh water

Asegúrate de que el agua en bebederos y bañeras esté siempre fresca y limpia. Lávalos y rellénalos regularmente para prevenir la acumulación de bacterias.

Be sure that the water in the drinkers and baths are always fresh and clean. Wash and fill them regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacterium.

3. Strong cleaning weekly

At least one time per week, do a stronger cleaning. This activity includes removes the toys and feeders and deep-cleaning them. Also clean the surfaces of the aviary with an anti bacterium cleaner for animals.

4. Floor of the aviary:

Utiliza un sustrato adecuado en el suelo del aviario, como arena o grava. Esto facilita la limpieza diaria, ya que los desechos se pueden recoger con mayor facilidad.

Use an adequate substrate for floor aviary, like sand or gravel. It´s made easier the daily cleaning because you can clean the waste easier.

5. Periodical checking.

Do checking regularly to detect signs of dirty or pollution in zone with less visibility. Take special attention to the corners and the places where the birds spend more time.

6. Pest control

Keep the aviary free of insects and rodents which could infects the birds with illness.

Use tramps and control measures according to the Law.

7. Quarantine of new birds

If you introduce new birds in the aviary, be sure that they pass a quarantine period to avoid infect to the birds with illness.

The care and cleaning are essential to maintenance a healthy aviary, it is positive for the birds and for giving to the people enjoy with an environment clean and safe. A well-maintained aviary is a sweet home for birds.

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